About us

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Cabra santa is a project that started with a whisper from our hearts. An inevitable vibe that prepared us for a change.

A dentist, a chef, a surf instructor and a graphic designer that one day decided … to hell with it! We need a fresh start.

A sincere “No” followed the “Am i living the life that I want?” and that was enough to go for the change.


We believe, defend and promote a life attached to the nature and a responsible consumption

We live in Fuerteventura surrounded by the ocean, the one that provides us most of our raw material.

We clean the beaches and afterward we make art with the gifts of the sea.


The sunglasses are hand painted. We sand the arms, put fixatives, add different layers of paint-, sand again and repeat till they have the vintage wood look we like. Finally we add a special varnish to make them more durable… All this process transforms our sunnies in unique pieces of art.

Our t-shirts are made of organic cotton and fair trade labeled. They are manually screen printed. We use only water- based inks to protect the environment. (Afterwards, local seamstresses sew up the labels one by one.)

All The driftwood paintings are made on material collected on our shores and beaches. The cords we add to hang them are beach-findings too.

We live how we want, but above all with clarity. We try to make use of our possibilities to encourage a responsible consumption and return to our planet a little bit of what we get from it

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll try to create it for you! | Si no encuentras lo que buscas, intentamos crearlo!

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